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Find Your Happy Place This Summer With These Indy Summer Getaways

Indy Summer Fun: 12 Places Everyone In Indiana Should Visit This Summer

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Some things just scream summer: ice cream, beach suits, sunburn. There are also a number of locations in the Hoosier state that scream summer. Take a look at 10 must-see summer destinations for everyone in Indiana if you're wanting to squeeze in a fast day trip or spend a long weekend relaxing.

Clifty Falls State Park – Madison

Southern Indiana's Clifty Falls is an incredible tourist destination. The breathtaking paths and waterfalls here are a must-see. It's a terrific destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Patoka Lake – Dubois, Crawford, and Orange County

If you wish to relax or escape the stress of daily life, Patoka Lake is the ideal location for a summer getaway. They offer fantastic swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities, as well as floating cabins you may rent for a genuinely special summertime adventure!

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary – Albion

Visit the strange and fascinating animals at the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary if you want something a little more wild. Small and large Hoosiers alike will enjoy getting up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Conner Prairie – Fishers

Conner Prairie is the place to visit this summer if you enjoy history or learning about various cultures. This incredible "town," which focuses on pioneer life, makes studying our history interesting and engaging. There are also a ton of activities for youngsters and fantastic photo possibilities.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari – Santa Claus

You know that everyone has this park with a Christmas theme on their summer bucket list! A Hoosier tradition is visiting Holiday World and Splashin' Safari. Additionally, how can a combined water park and entertainment park be beaten?

The IMA Gardens – Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Museum of Art's gardens is breathtaking. The well-known "LOVE" sculpture is also housed there. You must go to these gardens right away if you enjoy discovering excellent art in the wide outdoors.

Indiana Beach – Monticello

Without a trip to Indiana Beach, summer simply cannot come to an end. This fantastic water park has roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, water slides, and much more, and it was recently updated. Consider it a weekend excursion and stay at their campground.

Indiana Dunes – Porter County

Visiting the renowned Indiana Dunes at least a few times during the summer is a given. There are numerous beaches to choose from (some with lifeguards to keep youngsters safe), in addition to camping, hiking paths, and a ton of other alternatives.

Pokagon State Park – Angola

Are you up for a challenge? The ideal location to go exploring and fall in love with the breathtaking Indiana woods is Pokagon State Park. This park, which is close to Lake James, has the best land and water sports in the area.

Amish Acres – Nappanee

Are you prepared to relax and take in some of life's finest moments, like nature? This is the place for you: Amish Acres. You and your family will fall in love with the stunning property in Nappanee thanks to the fantastic food and live theatrical performances held in their circular barn.

Hoosier National Forest – Bedford

You're missing out if you've never visited the Hoosier National Forest. This magnificent forest, which covers more than 200,000 acres, has fantastic hiking routes, camping, lodges, and other amenities.
What do you think of these incredible summer vacation spots?

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